The short, simple answer is yes! Styling is the not-so secret weapon to significantly boost the value of your home by creating a memorable first impression. Get this right and your property is likely to be inundated with offers well above market expectations. 

Last month I was called into a listing presentation for a two-bedroom apartment, the vendor had been told by several local agents he was unlikely to achieve as much as the last sale in the building at $477,000 due to being on a lower floor level and in a worse market plus days on market in the building were at 80+. This owner was already looking down the barrel at a $30,000 - $40,000 loss on the investment so as you can imagine this was not the news he had been wanting. I spoke to the vendor about a partial style of his apartment for $3,000 and the benefits we have been seeing.

We did a partial styling of the property, furniture in all the main living areas, bedrooms and some accessories in the kitchen and bathroom. The campaign saw 15 groups inspect, three offers put forward and sold for $490,000 in just seven days! It was $13,000 higher than the last in the building purely based on the presentation. This is only one of hundreds of positive stories for local vendors. Creating the emotional connection, sense of space and practicality only further enhance your chances of a successful sale.

proeprty style.png

The Top 3 Benefits of Property Styling

First impressions count! 70% of buyers look online at the photos of a property before calling an agent or attending an open home. Make your property stand out from the competition here and then reap the benefits of it on the weekend with a substantial increase in foot traffic.

Days on market are slashed! Styled properties across our group averaged 30 days on market compared to 65 days for non-styled properties! Professionally styled properties can help buyers overlook flaws in the property by creating a stronger emotional connection. The longer a property sits on the market the less appeal it will have to new buyers due to psychological depreciation.

You get the highest offers! At the end of the day, styling should be considered an investment. We often see owners get back 5-10 times more than they spend in the sale price.

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With the growing popularity of shows like ‘The Block’ & ‘Selling Houses Australia’ styling has become more commonplace. No longer reserved for the elite properties, the economic benefit has been helping owners of all property types achieve record breaking results. I work with a range of property stylists to suit every budget. Piecing together the perfect campaign can have unbelievable financial results for your family. Don't forget you can contact me for a free consult any time to help sell your home.