Tis the season or is it not? Picking the right time of year to sell your home can be key to unlocking the full potential value. Does the ‘spring selling season’ really bring with it extra riches? Alternatively can low stock in Winter mean more eyes on your property?

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Around Australia, there is a common theme that spring is the busiest and best time of year to sell your property, whilst this may be true in some cities, Brisbane has been bucking the trend for quite some time. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between the seasons and how they affect the Brisbane property market.




During December & January, most Brisbane residents tend to wind down for school holidays and head away for the Christmas/New Year period. Businesses close up shop, tradies and corporates take well-deserved breaks. This flow on effect means open home numbers decline and the number of properties also lower, so in general, the market slows down across New Years. Prior to Christmas though buyers are desperate to purchase before the holidays so we traditionally see an upswing.


Every year the property market seems to wait until after the Australia day weekend to kick into gear. Interestingly though Realestate.com.au has its busiest month of the year in January as new buyers enter the market looking for their ideal property. Therefore if you do list in early January you are getting more eyes on your property and often have less competition in the marketplace. If you can bridge the January holiday gap and list going into February you get this great period of increased buyers + less competition which is exactly what you want when selling your property. After Australia day is where the action really heats up as everyone returns from holidays and buyers have this built up demand to purchase due to a lack of January houses.




With a trio of public holiday weeks to come in April, there is always a fast start to autumn. With many buyers still looking to purchase before the colder months come on, sellers are able to take advantage of a 10-12 week period with no public holiday interruptions. The buyer activity is almost identical to Spring with high numbers of enquiry for each property. The Easter long weekend is Brisbane’s longest public holiday period for the year and should be avoided when considering the timing of marketing your property. Towards the end of May, we have our annual Auction Under The Stars event which is always hugely successful. Last year we sold 17 out of 20 properties with over 90 registered bidders! The trend we find is purchasers who need to buy and settle this financial year generally get more desperate the closer it gets. We hold the event in late May so the buyers can settle just before the end of financial year.




Winter is probably the biggest misconception in Queensland. Compared to our southern states, winter is mild and often the sunlight, being at a lower angle over the period, can show off a home in quite the incredible way with loads of sunlight and natural lighting. This is perfect for the many beautiful Queenslanders in the area. With fewer properties hitting the market for sale, winter can present an ideal opportunity to list your home with less competition for similar properties. This allows for healthy prices to be achieved as buyer competition stays high.




There is no questioning that the property market in Brisbane and around Australia warms up every spring. An increase in buyers coming out to open homes leads to an increase in houses coming to the market. On one side you get increased buyer competition on your property but the downside is you could also face competition from similar houses coming on the market stealing your buyers.


So which is the winning season? Brisbane is blessed with good weather all year round which allows for real estate to transact without the big lows & highs of other states. It is another reason why Brisbane continues with steady growth and is one of the safest markets to buy & sell in. In any case, it is important to weigh up other factors including economic, market conditions and of course your own personal situation. Each property is unique and you want to sell at a time when your’s will stand out the most. If you are thinking of selling in the next 12 months let’s get in touch and create an effective game plan to maximise all conditions.

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There is never a better time than right now!